Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cuti Semester, MASUM dan Ramadan

Assalamualaikum semua,

Walaupun agak terlambat untuk aku ucapkan Selamat Berpuasa, masih sempat rasanya kerana masih berbaki 5 hari lagi untuk berpuasa sebelum menjelangnya Aidilfitri kali ini.
Sudah lama ingin aku curahkan atau kongsikan pengalaman cuti semester kali ini. Cuma terkadang aku kelelahan, kesibukan akan hal2 dunia lain dan seolah tiada rasa begitu terpanggil untuk menulis.
Tapi hari ini, rasa itu hadir mungkin kerana sudah tidak mampu untuk kubendung lagi. Perlu aku hamburkan segala macam perasaan di wadah ini sebelum titisan kristal mengalir ke bumi di bulan barakah ini.

Pertama, seawal cuti semester aku sudah pun melalui saat kritikal dan krisis dalam hidup...hala tuju dan setiakawan, cita-cita, impian dan tujuan hidup.

Which one should I focus doing?
Hockey or business?

Pada mulanya, aku merasakan aku perlu berehat seketika daripada bisnes atas alasan lelah dan mahu mencari ruang untuk diri sendiri. Maka, aku alihkan tumpuan pada hoki sempena MASUM yang pertama aku sertai. Ternyata banyak yang perlu aku gilap dan tingkatkan dari segi mutu permainan, komunikasi dan kesefahaman. Hal ini tidak mungkin begitu serius sekiranya aku turun padang hari-hari untuk berlatih. Aku telah korbankan masa latihan yang sepatutnya aku jalani suatu ketika dulu hanyalah untuk masa depan bisnesku. Dan saat itu telah aku sematkan satu janji dalam diri bahawasanya aku akan bermain untuk MASUM kali ini. Muktamad.

ohh, aku terlupa untuk menyatakan disini yang aku mengikuti satu bengkel penulisan skrip filem anjuran CERDAS. It's a great workshop learning about screenwriting. OMG, I didnt finish my script yet. It must be submitted by 3rd Sept so that I could be in the script selection. to tell you more about the workshop, I think I should write a full new entry about this because it's gonna be exciting that i couldnt stop writing...hahahaha.
After going through the learning, I know the secrets that make Hollywood, Bollywood even Korea and China movies successful, which I could tell you no Malaysian did produced such good quality products yet.
Maybe I am the first producer, who knows...as I am dreaming to have my own house production.

Tetiba, mata aku rasa berat pulak. Kepala a bit dizzy because I got issues just now. Actually, I am not in the mood to do story telling to people, I really don't feel like talking to anyone today after what had happened.
People can say that I am emo, cepat marah or whatever....but I wanna ask you, do you really know me? that you have the right to judge me? first impression not always right but it could tell something about you at that moment. If I don't know you and saw you smile to people passing by, maybe you are a friendly person or cheerful person. That's all but there's more about you that is mysterious to me.

Life is like that. Everyone is given choices. And the best thing in my life so far is learning about people because I like to observe them in different kinds of situation, how they react and etc. This skill is very helpful when it comes to people business and leadership, as well as doing a film in creating a real live characters.

My coach once told me that, there are four things that can help to determine who you are. Those FOUR things that matter you in life are ; BOOK that you READ, PEOPLE that you associated, WHO are you LISTENING and WHAT you DO. Those things are important as they give you a great influence to yourself and consequently your life.

Lately, I notice that something is not right about me and my life. Perhaps it is understandable that I feel like IT IS NOT ME AT ALL!!!! IT iS JUST NOT ME!!!! I lost myself....whose fault? who to be blame when you are in charge of you own life? when you are the captain? while you have to decide like a CEO? Now, it make sense to me that what happened to me is not others fault but me. Maybe I make a wrong decision but at least I got a decision. Mr.Nicholas Chia once said that the worst thing is when you have no decision. So, in short I've made some mistakes in life because Allah wants me to learn and remember HIM as well as ASK HIM. Not forget to be patient and strong.

to be continued....

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

someone's back

Hi there! Hello friends!
it has been a long time since my last update...

Bangun je pagi td , first thing yg aku tgok ialah my lovely phone...ohh! ade reminder lah...what is it eh?
So, I opened it..Opps! Someone is coming home today!!! Ahhaahaaa~

Hrrmm, what more to tell? waiting for the call maybe...if he remember as a friend.

Okay, these days quite tired and sleepy because a lot to do for hockey. Improving stamina and hitting skill most importantly. The other skills got to be polished. Strength and flexibility also must increase. Yeah, this is what it takes to be a better player.. I am glad the team will meet UITM, UM and USM. I know they all are among the best and have some national players. GREAT what can play with them...huhuhu...that's the challenge man~ that's really help me to see real game with real opponent. Then, we can grow!

When it comes to games like this where the opponents are far better the us, what we need it strong mental, faith, believe, trust and team work. Strategy should be suited with each opponent. Have to find their strength and weaknesses so that we can create a better strategy..It's not only about playing physically BUT it is a MIND game!

So, set the GOAL
Make strategy


Friday, June 8, 2012

bed time story

salam semua...
kind of nak luah perasaan kat sini....
sbb manusia kekadang x sume paham ape yg kite rasa and sometimes the stories is not for them to know..

I'm just 21 now...itu pun belum sukup 21 tau...
and you know what...my mum is like thinking that I should have someone...what??? green light now? for real...
and budak2 ni pun same laa suka sgt bertanya dan bergossip..opss....girls...i am not really okay when i hear that question...
so what i do??? what should i do?
disebabkan aku da tak tau mau cakap bahasa ape lg....so aku ter bukak cite mase muda2 x matang tu...

To Mr P,
If you ever read this...and it is not true or can't be accepted
I am so sorry really sorry

What can I do...
the fact that only you that comes to my life so far....
just your story for now...
the feeling part I am just not sure...
It is kind of no answer
It is no answer for the ending

It is a long story maybe...
that's why

not time yet for relationship i guess
i think i am not ready yet for any
and i hate wasting time with the wrong guys
so far never...

can you see that i am so so clean and clear
but it does not mean that i know nothing about love
people ask me for some advice...how weird is that???

I do observing..hahaha
eyes open but the intention must be clear...
the time to open eyes for that
may be not happened yet...

ok fine..i am normal...
just 21 rite....long way to go my dear
I am pretty sure that HE is just very LUCKY to have me
And I AM PROUD to be HIS WIFE...

wow, that's wonderful IKA!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

finding the soul

today I feel like wanna blogging for the whole day..YES, exam is OVER...but not yet my mission...not yet my goals and dreams...

As I passed through the days when I was during the study week, I realised that it was not easy to keep up my level and get higher when mixed up with various unstable kind of people...that fact that our direction of life is different...Many take the road that everybody had passed on...means they already knew the results, the only thing is that they think it will be another way in their journey...I don"t think so...I prefer the other road that not many of us has think about it..

That's enough I think for intro...
Let's get to the point...

First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Nurul Shafikah Sulaiman, can call me IKA. My expertise is helping many people to earn minimum income RM10k a month by supplying beauty, joint and health products.

That's what I am doing currently...but there's another thing bothering me..

I still a Law student...two years and half perhaps...not really long way to go..I seriously LEGAL life is not just me....It's not really me it's not really what I want...even I sometimes easily influence by such agent CIA of spy stories....only that...not a lawyer, not even a public servant.. full stop

I have a very good sense with art and entertainment...I just don't have any track record yet but I do love doing those things...I have dream myself having my own studio, my own house production, my own company that expertise in event organizing and wedding planner. I just need opportunity and go with it..

And what about HOCKEY things? I once dream to be a state/national hockey player...the reason is that self-satisfaction to challenge myself mentally and physically...that was how I was trained during my secondary school life. I joined the team just to train myself being more confident, stronger, tough and persistent. I admit that HOCKEY was such a nostalgic memory of my teenage life in boarding school...team spirit, friendship and togetherness. It was a good thing, blessed that I had those experience because it really help me these days...and now I decide to join MASUM this year..I wanna challenge myself to qualify and bring back honour..build the team as ONE UNITED team with ONE goal without any prejudice and jealousy. To lead.

Successful people said to me that; 

" Don't live in the past, live as for today and create the future"

Now, i know that I do so many things in my life my not one is really that I focus on and put sole effort on it...to master on ONE thing, researches said that it needs 10k hours of practice.

Since birth, what did I do the most? that I repeat again and again and again....
flashed back ...
i love singing, i memorise songs and lyrics...
i watched tv dramas, movies from different eras and countries
i love reading books..ops not really academic books but magazines, self-help, novels, short stories...
I love painting when i got idea...drawing, colouring and sketching...
the excitement of watching reality TV shows like Malaysian Idols, etc..
the various kind of feeling while watching dramas...tears dropping, who knows that...chuckles..

Now back to reality...
What kind of lifestyle that i want?
I want to be a BOSS
like a CEO, corporate leader
driving magnificent fast moving car... sport car
living in a huge mansion like a palace with my family and children
in the house, I got my studio for jamming, dancing, movie show
I got mini library where all my childhood, teenage and adult collections are there, with the new books that i and my family used to read
travel, holiday abroad once a month...even being so busy with the business
company doing well in house production, wedding planner, event organising...have a team of positive partners and shareholders
what i want to produce is documentary of successful notable people, real life story, dreams come true reality show...
I wrote a book of my story...dedicated to all whom i love..hope that story can inspire others...

Wow, amazing and wonderful dream...It is not just a dream...
To earn is to learn
There's always a new way to do something
work hard on myself..to be whom i want to be
to get what I want to have, to do what i suppose to do..

Today's Declaration:

I am in perfect health
I have abundant energy
I am fit and in great shape
I am at my ideal weight
I eat healthy and nutritious foods
I live long and strong
i create positive and supportive relationship
I treat everyone with kindness and respect
I spend quality time with people I enjoy
I connect deeply with people i live
I give my love unconditionally
I am loved and adored by family and friends
I am kind, loving and graceful
I am strong, powerful and respected by all
I am really special
I am gorgeous and beautiful
I love myself and I feel great about myself
I am focus and persistent
I am highly confident and courageous
I have a charming personality
I am a millionaire
I am successful
I am smart and intelligent
I am an inspired leader
I am a great Icon to family, friends and all


Monday, May 7, 2012

The Avengers--> Heroes story

Hi frens, bloggers and readers. It's quite a long time after the last update in this pretty blog. Actually not really have the idea to write or share before but today, I really want to share something that I got, something that I learnt from this movie.

Well, this is the current hits box-office movie I guess which I watched last Saturday..if u remember that day people busy of BERSIH things...but I chose to have a rest in cinema. It doesn't mean I don't care but the fact the we HAVE CHOICE. After the demo, we still have to stand on our own and back to real life again..and yet still lots of problems not settled.

Guys and girls, please stop saying that I have sooo much time or saying that I'm promoting this..in fact yes I encourage all of you to watch this movie and learn the moral of the story.

Morals of the story:
  • the role of leaders--> leadership [responsible, risk-taker, empower the rest]
  • together we stand, divided we fall--> Union
  • Power v. Force---> Captain America/ Thor v. Loki

To me, it was such a meaningful movie if u watch and really understand the message behind it..
I watch movie for a reason and purpose...
Sometimes, life is so difficult as what we think but the reality, it is not...some solutions, ideas and inspirations may be acquired from movies like this.

So, I give 5/5 for this movie..It reminds me and make me realizes the whole picture in my life..
If I were to choose one of the Avengers, I choose to be Captain America. Not because he is handsome but I love his character instead of Ironman..haha

I guess, that's all from me...Anybody who had watched, feel free to share your opinion bout the movie..tq

Friday, March 23, 2012

Great day--> Cinema Time

Hi friends, hello gang...dah mmg berhabuk blog ni kan? maklum lah busy ler katekan.....
at last, dpt juga aku tgok wayang hari setelah sekian lame terperap kat dlm uia dan last week yg hectic di Booth Lady Beautiful Fair, PWTC. Btw, last weekend was very great time for the business...still not really fun when Kak Shida was not around there...she was at Bandung that time with family...but then, I had Lin, my new trader. Doing booth with her mmg keje gelak je laa...since she was doing booth with kak Shida week before, she improved a lot in terms of sales and skill...wow, top sales babe for PWTC booth..and i got the highest contacts..both of us were in Shida's group..In terms of sales, Shida is the QUEEN. Thanks God that I met her. Thank God that I found Linn.

So today, me and Kak Shida watched this film--The Vow..........mmg romantic!!
based on real life story...korg nak tau? check it out..haha!

pasni ni aku nak cari film ni pulak...cite hindustan...awesome!!! tgok trailer n plot very interesting..

Nway, korang mesti happy kan kalau ade duit sendiri...muka berseri2 n senang hati...n think big, and expect to get more and more...High Expectation!!!

Walla, gtg now..so sleepy..esok kene bgun pagi2 nk jaga score board game ANSARA @ IIUM ..

Friday, February 24, 2012

This Means War~

Salam semua...wah, dah bersarang lelabah dah blog saya ni...
Maklum lah, kesibukan yang melanda tahap gaban tu yg jd penghalang...biasalah, masa mmg amat2 mencemburui kita..[ah sudah, mula dah merepek ni~]

Ok, actually hari ni aku lunch with Kak Shida kat KLCC. We have some discussion bout the biz as we are partners and then chit-chatting about personal things..great sharing. She also helped me in opening the Gold Investment Account at Maybank today. Great thing done in the early age with her guidance so as to the future.

And the best part was that we watched a movie....i suggested it even i dont know the story is all about. THIS MEANS WAR . Dengar tajuk ni je hati dah ditarik2 nak ke panggung..nak lagi cite2 spy ni..confirm best ahhh....and yet mmg betul jangkaan aku!!! BEST GILERR KOT..mase kitorg masuk wayang da start la dlm 5-10 min, but not too late..cerita ni bergenre action, comedy and romantic....Awesome!!! rasa nak tengok lg sekali..the script is the besy laa, mmg gelak sakan dlm tu and yet release gilerr stress~

You all kene tengok arr sendiri cite ni, gerenti x menyesal..haha