Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Dream of a great perfect house for me and family...

modern the style maa~

agak menawan kalbu bathroom i nih..sure rasa nak tido sini kan?

awesome leisure room...such a very relaxing moment there...

comfortable study room..

huge wardrobe for sharing okay..huhu

while sleeping in such a soft comfort mattress, your account keep growing...get calls from Spain, Paris for stocks, repeating orders..just imagine that~

picturesque landscape for a house that was built from a little penny..
building something from nothing

having holidays with family here for a week...experience a new environment..

That's the CRUISE which will be MINE in 5-7 years from now.

My Car..Ferrari FF

Think of good things...
Think of right things...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

tukar course? tukar university??

Salam to all kengkawan..

korang mesti terjezut an ngan title post ni? aku nak tukar course and uni?
YA..dalam kepala otak aku ni memang ade pikir camtu. Masa apply UPU dulu, aku pun x tau laa nape aku terletak LAW tu dalam senarai pilihan. Nak kata minat sangat mmg tak laa..nak kata ade bakat jgn harap aar.. Aku akui mase foundation aku agak tertarik dan berbunga sikit minat dalam bidang ni..TAPI bile bab ade MOOTING tu aku menyampah. Aku rasa talent aku bukan kat bidang ni. X regret belajar law ni tapi aku x nampak future aku dalam bidang ni. Aku amek bidang ni tapi aku x nak kerja yang berkaitan bidang ni.

Kekadang aku confuse sendiri. Apa yang aku nak sebenonye????
Aku adalah manusia yang suka berangan tapi x confident boleh capai apa yang aku impikan. I HAVE TO CHANGE THAT. Dreaming is free.

Aku masih ingat some of my dream. I want to have a PRODUCTION HOUSE. Haha..Because I love arts, entertainment, all related to arts, dance, singing, photography etc.
In my house, I want to have my own STUDIO for jamming, karaoke, and photo shooting..interesting right??
Well, aku mmg xde asas dlm bidang ni tapi jiwa aku terasaa ada dlm bidang ni. Ya, dari kecik2 lagi aku mmg suka tengok drama all sorts of thing. Aku mmg berniat nak belajar mengarah filem or drama...sume laa..huhu..syok arr...kepuasan tu mmg ada bile dapat tengok hasil karya kita dipaparkan di kaca tv mahupun layar perak.

Now, I stuck kat uia doing law...Thank you Allah..I was just a 1st year student. Not too late to make a RIGHT decision for my life. I want to study, have something that I am satisfied with. I am a Muslim. InsyaAllah Aku pelihara imanku. Aku mohon agar Allah sentiasa melindungi dan membawa aku kembali ke jalanNYa andai aku tersasar.

SO, what should I do now? teruskan study law? what for kalau hati x senang...jiwa xde, fokus habuk pun xde...aku x rasa pun aku kena and patut dapat 4 flat study LAW ni. Sebab my passion is not there. My mind and heart is here and there....I am going to check which uni, how much and which most suitable course for me...

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Time to make a move...

Salam to all readers and bloggers yg still setia singgah sono looking for any news from me..
Actually, I stay in UIA during the whole holidays, expecting to be here until few weeks before raya. How I came to that decision is ONLY HE & ME know. Long days to go with the ' dont-know-what -to-do' day.

those pictures show that I have bought a cats eye crystal bracelet, as the Chinese Sabahan auntie told me. Look nice..dont what bring me there to look and buy it even I am not having so much money that time. There pink, purple, brown, red, grey and white..of course that green I owned now. All got different meaning based on the colours. Harga kat tag price is RM 79 but the auntie yg baik hati give me almost 55% discount, so I bought at RM 35 only. Don't you think I should buy it? Lucky that she sold it to me, I may not buying if more that RM50 ok...haha so nice..I nak sume actually but I have to choose only one which is the best I could have now.

OMG, now I got new task..
I have to push myself to go that level..
Come on IKA, keep moving and going, DON'T EVER2 STOP that way...