Monday, May 7, 2012

The Avengers--> Heroes story

Hi frens, bloggers and readers. It's quite a long time after the last update in this pretty blog. Actually not really have the idea to write or share before but today, I really want to share something that I got, something that I learnt from this movie.

Well, this is the current hits box-office movie I guess which I watched last Saturday..if u remember that day people busy of BERSIH things...but I chose to have a rest in cinema. It doesn't mean I don't care but the fact the we HAVE CHOICE. After the demo, we still have to stand on our own and back to real life again..and yet still lots of problems not settled.

Guys and girls, please stop saying that I have sooo much time or saying that I'm promoting fact yes I encourage all of you to watch this movie and learn the moral of the story.

Morals of the story:
  • the role of leaders--> leadership [responsible, risk-taker, empower the rest]
  • together we stand, divided we fall--> Union
  • Power v. Force---> Captain America/ Thor v. Loki

To me, it was such a meaningful movie if u watch and really understand the message behind it..
I watch movie for a reason and purpose...
Sometimes, life is so difficult as what we think but the reality, it is not...some solutions, ideas and inspirations may be acquired from movies like this.

So, I give 5/5 for this movie..It reminds me and make me realizes the whole picture in my life..
If I were to choose one of the Avengers, I choose to be Captain America. Not because he is handsome but I love his character instead of Ironman..haha

I guess, that's all from me...Anybody who had watched, feel free to share your opinion bout the movie..tq