Tuesday, July 3, 2012

someone's back

Hi there! Hello friends!
it has been a long time since my last update...

Bangun je pagi td , first thing yg aku tgok ialah my lovely phone...ohh! ade reminder lah...what is it eh?
So, I opened it..Opps! Someone is coming home today!!! Ahhaahaaa~

Hrrmm, what more to tell? waiting for the call maybe...if he remember as a friend.

Okay, these days quite tired and sleepy because a lot to do for hockey. Improving stamina and hitting skill most importantly. The other skills got to be polished. Strength and flexibility also must increase. Yeah, this is what it takes to be a better player.. I am glad the team will meet UITM, UM and USM. I know they all are among the best and have some national players. GREAT what can play with them...huhuhu...that's the challenge man~ that's really help me to see real game with real opponent. Then, we can grow!

When it comes to games like this where the opponents are far better the us, what we need it strong mental, faith, believe, trust and team work. Strategy should be suited with each opponent. Have to find their strength and weaknesses so that we can create a better strategy..It's not only about playing physically BUT it is a MIND game!

So, set the GOAL
Make strategy