Friday, March 23, 2012

Great day--> Cinema Time

Hi friends, hello gang...dah mmg berhabuk blog ni kan? maklum lah busy ler katekan.....
at last, dpt juga aku tgok wayang hari setelah sekian lame terperap kat dlm uia dan last week yg hectic di Booth Lady Beautiful Fair, PWTC. Btw, last weekend was very great time for the business...still not really fun when Kak Shida was not around there...she was at Bandung that time with family...but then, I had Lin, my new trader. Doing booth with her mmg keje gelak je laa...since she was doing booth with kak Shida week before, she improved a lot in terms of sales and, top sales babe for PWTC booth..and i got the highest contacts..both of us were in Shida's group..In terms of sales, Shida is the QUEEN. Thanks God that I met her. Thank God that I found Linn.

So today, me and Kak Shida watched this film--The Vow..........mmg romantic!!
based on real life story...korg nak tau? check it out..haha!

pasni ni aku nak cari film ni pulak...cite hindustan...awesome!!! tgok trailer n plot very interesting..

Nway, korang mesti happy kan kalau ade duit sendiri...muka berseri2 n senang hati...n think big, and expect to get more and more...High Expectation!!!

Walla, gtg sleepy..esok kene bgun pagi2 nk jaga score board game ANSARA @ IIUM ..